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About Biogenetics

BioGenetics Life Sciences specialise in the manufacture of generic medications which include gonadal hormones and their derivatives, pituitary hormones and their derivatives and other peptides.

At BioGenetics our goal is to provide enhanced well-being for our clients through the research and development of high quality pharmaceutical medicines which are innovative, effective and easily accessible.
BioGenetics Life Sciences is committed to earning the confidence of the medical community, medical professionals, patients and customers by consistently providing a superior product with uncompromised results.
In order to realise this commitment, BioGenetics aims for perpetual improvement in our product’s and company ’ s performance. We are continually evaluating and improving our products to ensure that they are of the highest quality and meet all client’s expectations and requirements.
Our facility is certified as complying with the highest standards of the World Health Organisation and our newly refurbished laboratory is equipped for mass production.
At BioGenetics our qualified and professional technicians dedicate themselves every day to the production of advanced medicines and are available to assist with any and all queries you may have.

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