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Product Authentication

Authenticate Your Product

Biogenetics Life Sciences has put an end to counterfeit products with their patented sequential serial number hologram security system. Every product that has been produced by Biogenetics Life Sciences is given a patented serial that is never repeated on any other product. The patented serial number allows up-to date statistics on each and every product Biogenetics Life Sciences puts their name on. What makes the patented serial number feature so special is that our clients can email Biogenetics Life Sciences web site to verify that they have purchased an authentic product.Because of the patented serial number hologram sticker system , Biogenetics Life Sciences can guarantee the end user that their product is 100% genuine Biogenetics Life Sciences. Emails are answered swiftly and Biogenetics Life Sciences can quickly identify and warn of any suspect codes that have been accessed numerous times. So if anyone does try to make a counterfeit, Biogenetics Life Sciences can quickly pass along the message about counterfeit product so no one will run the risk of actually taking it.

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