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Biogenetics Life Sciences has put an end to counterfeit products with their patented sequential serial number hologram security system. Every product that has been produced by Biogenetics Life Sciences is given a patented serial that is never repeated on any other product. The patented serial number allows up-to date statistics on each and every product Biogenetics Life Sciences puts their name on. What makes the patented serial number feature so special is that our clients can email Biogenetics Life Sciences web site to verify that they have purchased an authentic product.Because of the patented serial number hologram sticker system , Biogenetics Life Sciences can guarantee the end user that their product is 100% genuine Biogenetics Life Sciences. Emails are answered swiftly and Biogenetics Life Sciences can quickly identify and warn of any suspect codes that have been accessed numerous times. So if anyone does try to make a counterfeit, Biogenetics Life Sciences can quickly pass along the message about counterfeit product so no one will run the risk of actually taking it.

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About Biogenetics

Biogenetics Life Sciences is a WHO certified Pharmaceutical company established in 2011. The company manufactures and sells generic pharmaceutical products. The company produces a wide range of Human Grade Pharmaceuticals in dosage forms including Capsules, Tablets, etc. The manufacturing is done under strict WHO cGMP guidelines to ensure high manufacturing standards in producing high quality products.

Core Values

There are three main core values we rely on in order to align the path to work together and aim to the same goal.


Diligent, honest, patient, sacrificial, kind, friendly, warmness, highly cooperative and perception of each other’s values

Always update and Competitive

Creative, easily adaptive, aware of other’s feeling, know how, and learn to success

Performance driven

To clearly set up the goal, good decision making, being proactive, responsible, economical and systematically achieve the aim


Quality Management


Operate business according to the good corporative governance for righteousness and clearness for investors trustfulness.
Develop products and services in accordance with the international standard to meet the requirement of consumers and for better healthy living of people.
Develop human resources in both quality and morality and also build up pleasant cooperating working culture.

Quality Control

Manufacture and distribute high quality international standard pharmaceutical and health care products as well as continuously develop the quality of every product to satisfy customers.
Improve and protect from all dangers which may occur up from the medium level of risk minimizing environmental pollution and pre serving resources in order to prevent any effect on employees, all concerned and the public.

Client Testimonials

Harry William

"I prefer Biogenetic Pharma because it provides depth and breadth, and allows quick and easy single source access."

Kelly Coleman

"Biogenetic Pharamaceuticals is such an important resource for us; it makes all of our lives easier."

BIOGENETICS LIFE SCIENCES, Tecolote Trail, Las Cruces NM 88012, United States

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